About Us

Pro Gutter Guard is a UK design patent guttering protection system created by Innovate Roofing Systems.


The PVC guard comes in 1m lengths, made to fit the shape of the gutter for keeping leaves, moss and debris from blocking the gutter channel. The guard offers an easy installation by using the original brackets to keep into place.


Innovate Roofing have been installing guttering protection for the past 20 years and found faults with many of the available leaf guards available on the market. From using past experience, they designed, patent & tested a gutter guard built to last. 

  • Perfect Fit

  • Ultra strong

  • Easy installation

  • DIY & Trade

  • Low maintenance

  • UV Stabilized PVC

  • Tools & Saftey

    Most of the fitting will be tool free. For filling gaps, you will need a tape measure and a saw. Make sure gloves are worn when installing. If installing off a ladder, make sure the ladder isn’t resting directly on the gutter when un-clicking the bracket as the weight of yourself on the ladder will push the guttering in, making it very difficult to install the guard.

  • Preparation

    Preparation is the key for gutter guard longevity. Cleaning out a gutter before installation with a brush will clear most of the debris but if the gutter has had previous growth, more preparation will be needed such as flushing the gutter clear out with a hose pipe and replacing any necessary leaking/moss growth gutter joints.

  • Installation

    Simply either slide the guard under the bracket and push along or un-click the bracket, place inside and re-click the bracket back into place. Each guard is 1000mm in length and will need a bracket to hold into place, the average house bracket distance is 600mm, so the majority of gutter guards should be supported but additional ones may be needed. 90° bends can be easily fitted by adjoining the guards, 135° bends can be easily cut with a saw to mitre up.